Feminist revolution and the silent uprising

Feminist revolution is one of the biggest revolutions in the human society. And the most peaceful one too. For centuries, take into account numerous revolutions – agricultural, industrial, political, one thing was common, men dominated women. But within a very short span of time, things changed dramatically.

Of course it’s not that we have reached equality. In fact we are very far from it. However, history reveals that feminists revolutionized the world without being violent.


Certainly, enemies of feminism indulged in brute force to suppress voices. But feminists didn’t start any war, they didn’t carry out guillotines in city squares, they didn’t send people to the gulags.

It’s an example that you can make the world a better place peacefully and without inventing a new technology. Because people change, and make better decisions.


Societal changes look more gruff and often take decades. But when people really decide to right the earthly wrongs, they readily answer to shrill cries for human needs, cooperate in large numbers to save lives, exchange critical information to attack deliberate attempts of repression, dawn anonymous roles to bring down tyrants, and usurp totalitarian regimes.

Like feminism, all is done peacefully. And in a short span of time. So when people start detesting bland soliloquy from authoritarian figures, it’s an indication that the revolution has begun.